The 2021 European Microfinance Award "Inclusive Finance and Health Care"

thanks the 43 applicants from 32 countries


The 2021 European Microfinance Award "Inclusive Finance and Health Care" intends to highlight initiatives that facilitate access to quality and affordable health care for low-income communities.

The European Microfinance Award is a prestigious annual award with €100,000 for the winner and €10,000 for the 2 runners-up, to promote financial inclusion initiatives and highlight their innovating contribution in a particular area to the development of the sector.

For more details on the call, the eligible criteria and Award selection process, read the Applications Guidelines, les lignes directrices, las Directrices de candidatura and the Concept Note, la note conceptuelle, la nota conceptual.

There are 2 phases in the application process:

  1. A short Round 1 application form outlining the programme you are presenting to the Award and providing audited financial statements. Get more information on the 43 organisations who have applied with the Round 1 update.
  2. Applicants successfully selected for Round 2 will be invited to complete Round 2 application form explaining the programme in greater detail, as well as providing supporting documentation.

The selection process is now underway, the 3 finalists should be known by the end of September.

Winner announcement at the Award Ceremony: 18 November 2021


Artwork by Joe Cummings ©European Microfinance Award