Cooperativa de Ahorro y Préstamo Tosepantomin / Mexico

Cooperativa de Ahorro y Préstamo Tosepantomin (Tosepantomin) started operations in 1999. It offers savings, deposits, insurance and remittances as well as non financial services to rural communities in the states of Puebla and Veracruz.

The Housing Context

In Mexico, it is estimated that over 35 million people live in unsuitable housing (i.e. overcrowded, in an alarming state of deterioration or made of inappropriate materials). Roughly, half of all new housing and two-thirds of existing housing are self-built. Self-building often magnifies the problem, due to the use of low quality materials and the lack of technical knowledge. Access to land is another issue where ownership is not personal but rather assigned to communities in rural areas. 15% of the population lacks access to sanitary services (25% in rural areas) while 5% lacks access to water (8% in rural areas).

The Housing Programme

Tosepantomin targets rural communities living in marginalised municipalities to which it offers savings and loans for housing improvement, but also for house building. The cooperative mainly uses the solidarity group methodology.

Tosepantomin uses a holistic approach to its housing programme, with technical support that includes architecture planning, elaboration of housing project budgets, and oversight of the construction processes. The programme also promotes ecological and sustainable housing through eco-friendly building techniques, recycling, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Promotion of eco-friendly building with technical assistance to rural marginal communities

Type of Intervention: Savings and loans with integral construction technical advice, and with a green approach 

Year of establishment: 1999

Legal status: Cooperative /Credit Union

Branches (2016): 6

Staff (2016): 84